Fun winter trip to the coast


Weather at the Belgian coast can be brutal, lot’s of wind, rainy, dark smoggy weather.

We like it, it’s perfect to get some fresh sea air in your body!
At one condition that you come prepared and wrapped up warmly.
IMG_3657 copy
Here’s our checklist for those cold winter coastal walks:
rubber boots
ski glasses or goggles (even if it’s nog sunny, they protect those little eyes from lot’s of wind or nasty cold rain.)
snow suit (I know it may seem a little over board, but this is great on a rainy or windy day)
fleece sweater
waterproof gloves
of course the obvious beanie and scarf
optional is a push bike, you can rent cars or any kind of bicycles there but it’s a easy and fun alternative for a stroller.
IMG_3638 copy
With all this above you are in for a treat and now bad weather can stop y’all!
Enjoy live, laugh and live!

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