Food dilemma


Food is a delicate subject in our family. We love to entertain our friends or family with a good diner or make every meal for ourselves a feast! We both love to cook and we hope Mille will have the same cooking passion.

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We all grew up with meat, potatoes and vegetables on our Belgian plate. Since I got Crowns disease we had to think more carefully about food. And create a state of mind that food is the fuel to our body. We got more conscious about what we put in our mouth and more important where the food comes from. We’ve considered to go veggie, but with my disease it’s just not possible to eat every veggie or fruit to get all my vitamins needed. The solution for us was to eat only durable meat.

We’re all about positive news and messages but sometimes spreading awareness is for the cause of yourself, others and our planet. Now sing hallelujah! 🙂


Mille got breast milk (read here about our experience), as long as I could. And since he eats solids, it’s obvious that if we eat organic, that Mille is going to do the same. But is getting a child, not about good education? Teaching them the right things? So I guess if that’s the case we should raise him as a vegetarian? The issue I have is that we still be eating sustainable meat or fish, but not Mille? That sounds weird to us! For now Mille is a veggie, but we’ll think about the future…

If you have an opinion or advice about this subject please do leave a comment.

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    from PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.

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